My background is in computer science and my research focus is on e-mentoring. I’m looking into e-mentoring as a way to increase the interest of teenage girls in Saudi Arabia about STEM careers and raise their awareness about existing Saudi female role models in STEM. In my research e-mentoring programs are designed for girls to be mentored by female STEM professionals. My research looks into interactivity between participants and ways to measure the impact of e-mentoring programs on both mentors and mentees.

I am currently a Computing Science Doctoral Trainee at Newcastle University, and member of Open Lab research group. I work as a lecturer at King Saud University and a member of SKERG research group. I’m on a joint supervision program between Newcastle University and King Saud University, which means I’m basically based in Saudi Arabia and visit Newcastle every year to enjoy the English weather and complete my PhD.

-Aseel AlHadlaq