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Horsesmouth, the social network for informal mentoring. Inspirations are divided into three topics life, work and learning. Mentors have a profile page talking about their selves favourite books, useful links and write stories.
You can find a mentor by browsing or searching using keywords, results will show mentors who have experience with your concern.
Registration makes you a mentor and a mentee , you can advice people and write about your experiences and get advice. Next to each mentors name there are m-points and m-strength, these represent m-factors. m-points are ratings given by other members while m-factors represent friendliness, timeliness  and usefulness. Communication and collaboration between members are either public by replying to posts or private (one to one) via message centre.

Be a mentor: √
Be a mentee: √
Formality: informal
Registration as mentor: instantly
Communication: Public posts and private one to one messages
Target: Any
Matching system: self-selection, interests
Training: –

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