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E-Mentoring at iCouldBe is a journey that starts with students in public high schools across the US who select their own mentors, professionals working in careers that the students may want to pursue, and definitely want to learn more about. The aim is provide at-risk middle and high school students with an online community of professional mentors, empowering teens to stay in school, plan for future careers, and achieve in life.
iCouldBe is embedded into existing classrooms, where one class period per week, students work on e-mentoring activities that focus on academic success strategies, career exploration, and post-secondary educational exploration and planning.
High school partners with iCouldBe to register their students and provide mentorship for them.

Be a mentor:√
Be a mentee: ×
Formality: Formal
Registration as mentor: submit application for screening
Communication: online (not specified)
Target : U.S middle and high school students that are at-risk of dropping out
Matching system: –
Training: 30-minute webinar about mentoring

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