Mara Mentor is an initiative by Mara Foundation. The Founder of Mara Group and Mara Foundation is Ashish Thakkr, who has been described by the media as Africa’s youngest billionaire. On his Twitter account, he describes himself as “Refugee, School dropout, Entrepreneur, Astronaut, Philanthropist & now Author”. Ashish was born in 1981 and has spent some of his childhood as a refugee. His first business deal was selling a computer his parents had given him and made 100$ profit. In 1996, he started his business with a 5000$ loan from his parents at age 15. In 2009, he launched the Mara Foundation to support young entrepreneurs. His personal experience and struggle motivated him to help and support starting up entrepreneurs.

Mara Mentor is an online platform and mobile application that connects ambitious entrepreneurs with experienced business owners. Members are engaged by posting their business updates or articles on the News and Updates section and raising questions, starting discussions or presenting new business opportunities on the Discussion Forum section. Members can contact a mentor privately for a personalized advice by sending a message through the Mara Mentor Connect section. Mentors are from different countries and different industries.

Be a mentor:√
Be a mentee:√
Formality: informal
Registration as mentor: Requires approval by Mentor team
Communication: private messages and discussion forums
Target: entrepreneurs
Matching system: –
Training: –

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