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MentorNet aims to provide STEM students with high quality mentors. Pairs communicate 15-20 minutes weekly during MentorNet’s four-month mentoring cycle. Pairs are guided by a series of discussion topics, delivered automatically each week. Participants communicate through MentorNet chat messages.
During registration as a mentor you can choose topics that you are willing to discuss with your mentee such as: sexual orientation issues, women in STEM issues and dual career issues. The website provides recommended on-line training for both mentors and mentees.

Be a mentor: √
Be a mentee: √
Formality: formal
Registration as mentor: instantly
Communication: private one to one messages
Target : students pursuing STEM degrees at U.S. academic institutions
Matching system: 3 mentors recommended by the system based on attributes and interests to each mentee
Training: online pre-mentorship for mentors and mentees

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